Appeal for Donation

08 Feb 2017 , 12:48:30 AM

You all are aware that the Nationalist Congress Party is one of the national political parties in our country duly recognized by the Election Commission of India, which is led by its renowned leader Shri Sharad Pawar.

This party was formed in the year 1999 and since then, it has been working hard for the betterment of people of various sections of our society, especially the farmers and the downtrodden. The party has fought many elections in order to come to power at the centre as well as states, so that it could do some good job for the people.

In order to run the office of the party at the centre and in states, obviously funds are required. We are fortunate enough that we have many well-wishers, who praise our ideology and hence they have come forward and donated to our party from time to time. 

The NATIONALIST CONGRESS PARTY appeals to all its leaders, workers and well-wishers to donate generously to the party fund as and when feasible.


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