Nationalist Women's Congress Nationalist Women's Congress Smt Rupali Chakankar, State President

On July 27, 2019, Rupali Chakankar took over as the State President of NCP Women. As soon as she took charge, she started several programs with the party organization as the focal point. The Nationalist Women's Congress is making special efforts to increase the political and social consciousness of women in Maharashtra. It is constantly working towards the goal of women empowerment keeping Pawar Saheb's vision in mind. While in opposition, Smt Chakankar with her team raised her voice against unjust government policies through agitations. From 'Save the Constitution' movement to the issues related to women, Rupali tai has been continuously raising her voice by taking a stand on these issues. She has made it clear that she will continue to address the issues of women in future too.
Nationalist Youth Congress Nationalist Youth Congress Shri Mahebub Sheikh, State President
Shri Ravikant Varpe, Executive President
Shri Suraj Chavan, Executive President

Shri Sharad Pawar Saheb has always considered Nationalist Youth Congress as a platform for youth to build their leadership qualities and to increase their active participation in politics. Nationalist Youth Congress has emerged as one of the strongest youth organizations in Maharashtra. The important agendas of the party are carried out by this youth cell. It is one of the most active cells of the party and plays a major role in many activities. Mahebub Sheikh, its state president, has made efforts for the advancement of the youth in many ways. Nationalist Youth Congress has brought about a great convergence with its innovative agitations on various issues. Nationalist Youth
Congress has always taken an initiative to serve people in social issues as well as during natural calamities.
Nationalist Yuvati Congress Nationalist Yuvati Congress Ms Sakshana Salgar, State President

NCP Yuvati Congress Cell was established in 2012 with the initiative of MP Supriya Sule. Inspired by Supriya Tai, young women in Maharashtra started raising awareness and then the social transformation in Maharashtra got a new direction. Yuvati Melava's were held at various places in the state by this cell. It has taken a step further towards women empowerment. Yuvati cell is providing a fair opportunity for many women to come forward. The Nationalist Congress Party is the only party in Maharashtra that has set up such a cell to encourage young women. With the participation of young women in politics and sociology, new equations have begun to emerge on the
political horizon.
Nationalist Social Justice Department Nationalist Social Justice Department Shri Jaydev Gaikwad, State President

NCP continues its journey by following the legacy of Mahatma Jotiba Phule, Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj,
and Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar. Ideals of these great men and their concepts of social justice have
been the inspiration behind forming this cell. The Social Justice cell has always insisted on inculcating
its pluralistic, progressive role in society.
Nationalist Kisan Sabha Nationalist Kisan Sabha Shri Shankar Anna Dhondge, Head of the State

Farmers of Maharashtra have always been the focus of NCP. The NCP Kisan Sabha has always stood by the farmers. This cell is working on various issues of the farmers. It is making special efforts to raise social awareness to find solutions to farmer's problems. Kisan Sabha is a medium to convey the issues of the farmers to the party.
Nationalist Social Justice Department Nationalist OBC Congress Cell Shri Ishwar Balbudhe, State President

The OBC cell of the Nationalist Congress Party has consistently played a major role to bring the deprived and neglected sections of other backward classes into the mainstream while shaping the new society.
Nationalist Minorities Cell Nationalist Minorities Cell Shri Abdul Gaffar Abdul Razzaq Malik, State President

The Minority section of the society has a voice through this cell. Nationalist Minorities cell is consistently working to resolve issues of minorities by giving them a platform. Their views and opinions are always taken into consideration. This cell is working diligently to bring minority communities into the mainstream.
Nationalist Minorities Cell Nationalist Congress Nomadic Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Cell Shri Hiralal Rathod, President

The Nomadic Deprived Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Cell of the Nationalist Congress Party plays an important role in solving the problems of the nomadic castes and tribes in the society by bringing their issues in the forefront and helping them to improve their social and economic conditions. This cell is rigorously doing good work for the upliftment of the downtrodden.
Nationalist Congress Doctors Cell Nationalist Congress Doctors Cell Dr Narendra Kale, State President

The Nationalist Congress Doctors Cell is the first platform for doctors to be formed in the state. NCP was the pathbreaker to form this cell. Under the guidance of the state president, Dr Narendra Kale, the organization is doing various social works and spreading public awareness. The cell organizes medical camps, blood donation camps, informative sessions for doctors etc. on a regular basis. The Nationalist Doctor Cell is always ready to help the needy in case of any natural calamity, accidents or medical emergency. During Covid-19 pandemic, COVID warriors of the doctors cell fought bravely with the virus and made a considerable contribution. The Cell has laid a great foundation for solving health problems by bringing highly talented doctors into the social and political arena. Doctors Cell has always given priority to resolve medical issues and helping medical professionals.
Nationalist Congress Cell for Disabled people Nationalist Congress Cell for Disabled people Shri Suhas Tendulkar, State President

The cell has done tremendous work for the physically challenged people. It works to help children, elderly people with disabilities by recognizing the difficulties they face. The cell is playing an important role for disabled people by providing them with a voice of their own, identifying their needs, advocating change and initiating public awareness.
Nationalist Students Congress Nationalist Students Congress Shri Sunil Gawhane, State President

The Nationalist Students Congress works for the holistic development of students on the triad of education, service and struggle. Many innovative activities are implemented by the cell to help the students from time to time. The team of Nationalist Students Congress is functioning with the aim of students’ betterment and believes in giving justice to every student by fighting  for their rights.
Seva Dal Seva Dal Shri Deepak Mankar, State President

Seva Dal plays a crucial role in strengthening the foundation of the party by building a new cadre base. Seva Dal is very important to spread the ideology of NCP at the grassroots level. It promotes the party's work and ideas at the village level which has helped in increasing followers. Seva Dal works as a reflection of the party in many socio-cultural activities.
Speaker training Workshop Cell Speaker training Workshop Cell Shri Pradip Solunke, State President

Speaker Training Workshop Cell of NCP caters to key aspects like image enhancement through public speaking. The cell gives training to new party workers; it also gives training at booth committees. The president of this cell, Shri Pradip Solunke is known for his progressive thoughts and considered as an eloquent speaker. Under his leadership the cell is performing very well.
Nationalist Congress Library Cell Nationalist Congress Library Cell Shri Umesh Raosaheb Patil, State President

The library cell is helping needy students of schools and colleges, Students preparing for MPSC, UPSC exams etc by providing them ample bibliography and study books. Library cell is working with the sole objective of making the future of students bright. Shri Umesh Raosaheb Patil is in charge of this department.
Nationalist Legal cell Nationalist Legal cell Adv. Shri Ashish Deshmukh, State President

A few years ago, the number of cyber-crimes had increased alarmingly in Maharashtra. The Nationalist Congress Party took initiative and set up a legal cell to identify and reduce these crimes. This legal cell played an important role in solving many cybercrime cases by registering them and following up with the Police department. Adv. Ashish Deshmukh has been given charge of this cell.
Nationalist Congress Film and Cultural Cell Nationalist Congress Film and Cultural Cell Shri Babasaheb Patil, State President

The film, literature, art and cultural department are operating to solve the problems of movie and theatre artists, technicians and staff working behind the scenes. Shri Babasaheb Patil and his team is trying its best to solve various problems of the people in this field and to give them justice.