Lok Sabha by-election reflects BJP’s inefficiency – Nawab Malik

Chief Spokesperson, Nawab Malik interacted with journalists on the topic of the Lok Sabha by-elections. The victory of the Nationalist Congress Party in Bhandara-Gondiya was celebrated. Prior to press conference, he paid tribute to Pandurang Phundkar, the Minister of Agriculture for his contribution in the state’s political and social sectors.


Nawab Malik thanked the people who voted for NCP. In Bhandara-Gondia constituency, Nana Patole resigned from the position of Member of Parliament. He had given resignation by giving reason of insufficiency of the government. Government is unable to provide welfare, representative are not given right to express, he said. The results of the four Lok Sabha seats and ten assembly seats in the country were announced. BJP has lost three seats except Palghar. Malik said that BJP did not even win its own seats.


BJP got the benefit of divided votes among parties in Palghar. NCP was urging Congress to provide support to Bahujan Vikas Aaghadi. If it would have happened then the results would have different. BJP won this election by misusing power, spending huge money, using government machinery. The same tactics were used in Bhandara- Gondia as well. They violate the code of conduct. NCP workers protested and complained to the Election Commission.  Many EVM machines were out of function. So the election was conducted again at 49 places. People have doubts about EVM machines. Elections on the ballot paper are being used in many developing countries. Malik said that the Election Commission should think about this.


If ShivSena and the BJP fight together for the upcoming Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections, then all other likeminded parties will come together and pull BJP out of power in the elections of 2019.