MLA Jitendra Awhad addresses press in Thane

Shivsena should change their symbol from bow and arrow to a man holding coconut in hands, mocked MLA Jitendra Awhad while addressing a press conference in Thane. He was speaking about the incidence where a candidate of Shivsena threw coconut that was brought to break for campaigning, at his wife which injured her. This kind of behavior is disgraceful. Shivsena should immediately cancel his candidacy, demanded Awhad. How would those who fail to respect their own wife can respect other women and protect them, he questioned.


Jitendra Awhad took a dig at ruling Shivsena in a press conference held ahead of TMC elections. Shivsena has wasted 3.5 thousand crore rupees of Thanekars. Their lack of management has caused water shortage in Thane in the month of February only. Shivsena lacks vision; they have not done anything for Thane in last 25 years, Awhad said. He further claimed that Sena has rather taken credit for developments done by NCP. He also informed that for the ward no 24 K Jitendra Patil will be contesting from NCP for TMC elections.

While speaking here NCP Thane City President Anand Paranjpe criticized that Shivsena’s Vachannama is mere a BolBacchanNama. They have ruined 3.5 thousand crore rupees of Thanekars in last 25 years; hence, Thanekars should not fall for their any fake promises in upcoming elections, Paranjpe appealed.