The Nationalist Congress Party is one of the few political parties in the country which has marked its significant presence within short span of time in the political arena of Indian Politics. The NCP was founded on June 10, 1999 and within two months faced the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections. The party fielded its candidates from various parts of the country. It met with resounding success and gained nationwide recognition. NCP became a constituent of the governments at the centre, in Maharashtra and some other states. The party got an opportunity to represent people in Goa, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Manipur, Assam, Gujarat, Kerala, Bihar, Orissa, Jharkand and Arunachal. NCP is the only party to get recognition from the Election Commission in such a short period. The Nationalist Congress Party was conceived under the dynamic leadership of one of the stalwarts of Indian Politics Shri Sharad Pawarji. Despite plunging into the electoral test immediately after its formation, due to the achievements and efficacy of its leaders the party was able to garner the mandate of the people of the nation. The scintillating performance of the Nationalist Congress Party and the mandate of the people, were the key factors in obliging the Election Commission of India to confer upon the Nationalist Congress Party the status of a National Party. In the history of the formation and evolution of new political parties, the achievement of Nationalist Congress Party in itself is exemplary, unparalleled and without precedent.

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जाणता लोकनेता

भारताच्या राजकीय क्षेत्रातील कर्तबगार, कणखर व कुशल नेतृत्व! तळागाळातल्या कार्यकर्त्यांना ओळखणारा, जनतेच्या प्रश्नांची अचूक जाण असलेला दूरदर्शी, पारदर्शी आणि सामान्यांना आपला वाटणारा जाणता लोकनेता म्हणजे शरद पवार.

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